Removing 20-Year Old Stains

This video shows the entirety of our low-moisture cleaning method. It starts out by using a counter-rotating brush, or CRB. This deeply agitates the carpet to pull deeply embedded particles to the surface. Then, we go through with a vacuum to suck up those suspended particles. Next, I spray a fresh, lemon-scented solution over the carpet, or rug. The solution crystallizes around remaining particles so that they’re easier to scrub out and remove. I also spot spray stains with a special stain solution. On this job, I used the CRB again because the carpet is 20+ years old and has 20+ year old stains, dirt particles, etc. After that, I went through with a Swirly Rotary Machine. This is a weighted machine that scrubs and extracts dirt particles onto the pad. I typically have to change the pads multiple times throughout a job, but because this video was just featuring this small section, I didn’t. In the rest of the home, I had to use multiple different pads. Changing out the pads ensures that they don’t become over-saturated and can do the best cleaning job for your family. Pads, brushes, etc. are all cleaned between every job so that your home is being cleaned with clean equipment.


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